Bitcoin Mining Solutions

Securing the Future of Finance

Founded in 2021, JKL Mining is focused on developing, operating, and owning world class facilities for Bitcoin mining across the world

Holistic solutions

You bring the machines, and we host them in our facilities.
We handle everything from shipping, maintenance, housing, and security.

250+ Megawatts

With 35 MW underway, JKL Mining has an additional contracted pipeline
of over 230 MW, which is expected to go live by Q1 2023.

World-Class Team

Our founders are experienced data center operators,
with over 80 years of industry experience between them

Featured Site


JKL Mining is currently in the process of developing and constructing our Saddleback site, unlocking 35 megawatts for our Mining clients.
Kindly contact us via [email protected] for any inquiries.

JKL Mining is a subsidiary of JKL Group.

Bitcoin is here to stay

JKL Mining is a believer in Bitcoin, and we seek to support and secure the network by providing facilities to host Bitcoin Mining operations. JKL Mining is focused on being at the forefront of cryptocurrency mining providing the most efficient and renewable solutions to its clients. Combining our 80+ years of experience in asset management, trading, and data center management, JKL Mining strives to deliver the highest level of service to our clients.



Chairman, JKL Group

Jingyuan has over 15 years of experience in risk management and trading. Previously he was the CEO of PPS International Holdings and a Vice President at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. He graduated from the University of Oxford and the University of Warwick.

Lin Cheung

CEO, JKL Group

Lin has over 15 years of experience in trading technology and operations. He began his career at Morgan Stanley as an equities trading technologist and previously was a Vice President at JP Morgan. He graduated from the University of Hong Kong with a MS and BS in Computer Science.

JY also serves as the CEO of JKL Capital, a cryptocurrency focused asset management firm.

Xiaoxi Yang

Head of Mining, JKL Group

Xiaoxi has over 15 years of experience in finance industry. He was an Executive Director at CITIC CLSA and a Global Investment Director at Deutsche Bank before joining JKL Group. He earned a Master of Finance degree from London Business School and a Bachelor of Statistics degree from the University of Warwick.

Jake Ring

Managing Director

Jake Ring Jake is the founder of DC BLOX Inc. and Co-Founder of GIGA Data Centers LLC, providers of multi-tenant colocation data centers and cloud services. Both have been acquired. Jake received Bachelor degree in Math and Computer Science from Vanderbilt University and MBA from Washington University St. Louis.

Francis Sheng

Managing Director

Francis was a Managing Partner of Garden Medical New York Branch and former financial advisor to GE’s U.S. real estate equity investment, managing a real estate equity portfolio of more than $15bil. Bachelor degree from China Foreign Affairs University, and a joint MBA from University of Vienna and University of South Carolina.​

Tao Ye

Vice President, JKL Group

Tao holds a Masters degree in Risk Management and Financial Engineering from Imperial College Business School (UK). He previously worked as Senior Product Manager within Blockchain & Cryptocurrency space.

Onno Ho

Vice President, JKL Mining

Onno holds a Masters in Applied Analytics from Columbia University and a Bachelors from Santa Clara University in Finance. He previously worked in Corporate Finance at a leading silicon valley tech firm. At JKL Onno is in charge of the mining operation.

Aidan Cheng

Investment Analyst, JKL Mining

Aidan joined JKL Mining Operation Team to scale our global impact. He has over 5 years experience in Software Engineering working for a listed company within Financial Industry.

Harry Wong

Project Engineer, JKL Mining

Harry is joining JKL Mining as a project engineer (E&M). Before joining JKL, Harry worked over 12 years in construction and leverages his expertise gathered through multiple large-scale projects.

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